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Top Stories from Western Switzerland (April 2024)

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30 April 2024

Top Stories Western Switzerland

From biotech breakthroughs and the transformation of clinical trials to advancements in eco-friendly materials and renewable energy initiatives, discover Western Switzerland’s top stories from April 2024.

The Swiss biotech industry: reliable partners beyond borders

The Swiss Biotech Report 2024 highlights a remarkable year for the Swiss biotech sector, with record revenues of CHF 7.3 billion and over CHF 2 billion in investments. The report underscores the industry’s resilience and growth, driven by strong international collaborations and innovations that continue to have a significant impact on global healthcare.

UniBe spin-off Risklick unveils AI tool to streamline clinical trials

Risklick has launched Protocol AI, an innovative software that uses artificial intelligence to streamline clinical trials. By optimizing protocol development and integrating existing clinical data, Protocol AI could significantly accelerate the delivery of new therapies and ensure faster and more reliable clinical trial designs.

Bcomp secures CHF 36 million to advance eco-friendly composite materials in mobility

Bcomp, a leader in natural fiber composites aiming to reduce carbon footprints across various industries, has raised CHF 36 million to expand its eco-friendly materials into mobility and transportation sectors globally. The funding will enhance Bcomp’s production and facilitate its expansion into Asian and North American markets.

How KBI Biopharma pioneers next-generation biomanufacturing from Geneva

KBI Biopharma has established a significant presence in Geneva, enhancing its operations through the region’s strong academic and biotech networks. Chosen for its strategic advantages and skilled local workforce, the Geneva site demonstrates KBI’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge biotechnologies and strengthening its global service offerings to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Oculis announces completion of oversubscribed USD 59 million registered direct offering

Biopharma Oculis has successfully raised USD 59 million in an oversubscribed direct offering following its listing on the NASDAQ Iceland Main Market. This financial boost will extend Oculis’ operations until 2026 and support its innovative ophthalmic treatments and clinical developments.

Takeda commits CHF 5 million to renewable energy for its Neuchâtel site

Takeda Pharmaceutical has committed CHF 5 million to install a photovoltaic system at its Neuchâtel site, which employs over 700 people. This renewable energy initiative, which will produce 3.7 MW annually, will meet 25% of the site’s electricity needs.

The HES-SO strengthens life sciences education and research in the canton of Valais

The HES-SO Valais-Wallis School of Engineering is strengthening its training and research capacity in the field of life sciences. By renaming its program to Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Engineering, it now offers a unique specialized training in biotechnology and bioanalytics, directly responding to the growing needs of the biopharmaceutical and food industries.