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Voltiris, Limula, and Parithera secure Biopôle’s Start-Up Fund

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11 October 2023

From left to right: Nicolas Weber, CEO of Voltiris, Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle SA, Jonas Roch, CTO of Voltiris and Pierre-Jean Wipff, Innovation and Partnerships Director at Biopôle. From left to right: Nicolas Weber, CEO of Voltiris, Nasri Nahas, CEO of Biopôle SA, Jonas Roch, CTO of Voltiris and Pierre-Jean Wipff, Innovation and Partnerships Director at Biopôle. | © Biopôle

Vaud-based start-ups Voltiris, Limula, and Parithera gain momentum in their innovative ventures as they secure vital funding and support from Biopôle.

Start-ups Voltiris, Limula, and Parithera have received funding from Biopôle to further advance their solutions in the realms of of sustainability and healthcare. Notably, Voltiris, known for its pioneering work in integrating energy efficiency with robust crop yields in greenhouses, has been pivotal in steering the direction of sustainable energy use in the agricultural sector.

Voltiris has carved a niche in developing first-of-its-kind solar modules designed specifically for greenhouses. Through spectral filtering, these modules only allow light essential for crop growth while transforming unused light into renewable energy, ensuring an innovative approach towards sustainability and energy independence for greenhouse operators. Nicolas Weber, CEO and Co-founder of Voltiris, expressed his gratitude towards Biopôle, stating: “This is an amazing support that offers us enhanced visibility, recognition, and crucial financial backing.” The start-up, bolstered by this support, eyes an ambitious CHF 3 million seed round to amplify its commercial endeavors.

Pierre-Jean Wipff, Biopôle Innovation and Partnerships Director, remarked on Voltiris’s groundbreaking work, stating, “Biopôle is thrilled to support this innovative company and to accompany them in the consolidation of their understanding of how spectral filtering can positively drive plant characteristics such as increased nutritional content.”

Limula is making strides in the health sector by focusing on making Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs) more accessible through automation. Luc Henry, CEO of Limula, explained: “Our solution replaces manual steps that are currently used in the production of these ‘living drugs’.” This automation is deemed to be the key to making such personalized treatments broadly available, and with the continuous support from Biopôle, Limula is on a trajectory to build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) by 2024.

On a similar healthcare advancement trajectory is Parithera, which has made remarkable strides in cancer treatment diagnostics by developing a platform that identifies circulating tumor cells (CTCs). With a prototype in place and newfound funding, Parithera is now setting sights on MVP and data generation, progressing towards launching a seed financing round next year.

14 start-ups supported since 2021

All three start-ups, embodying innovation, sustainability, and healthcare breakthroughs, reflect the potency of the canton of Vaud’s start-up ecosystem. Their accomplishments and ongoing projects mirror the significant possibilities within technological, environmental, and healthcare domains.

The underpinning support from platforms like Biopôle not only fosters such innovations but also propels these start-ups to potentially reshape and redefine the contours of their respective sectors. With 14 start-ups supported since its inception in 2021, Biopôle continues to be a cornerstone for burgeoning innovations, fostering an ecosystem where technology, sustainability, and healthcare coalesce to craft a future stitched with the threads of advancement and accessibility. And with a new applications deadline on 15 December 2023, the horizon seems bright for more innovators to step forth.