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WeTweak, a “made in Neuchâtel” digital platform for music production


23 August 2022

Neuchâtel-based company WeTweak offers a new intelligent digital platform for music production. The 2021 BCN Innovation Awardee will launch pre-sales of subscriptions in September 2022.

WeTweak is a new smart digital platform for music production. It offers large and diverse sound libraries for several musical genres. The platform addresses the music production industry in a B2B and B2C model. The company sells downloads of various high-quality sounds as well as online training courses for music producers to help them in their creation of songs or sounds.

The Neuchâtel-based start-up’s goal is to democratize music production and distribution in a more transparent and rewarding revenue sharing model for artists. Similarly, creators and producers can put their creation on WeTweak, broadcast it or sell their sounds from the platform. One of the major assets of the new platform will be its unique patented AI module for the automatic analysis of sounds.

“Our value proposition of a full service platform also includes diversification into new and fast growing segments from its original Techno scene, where Fragment Audio was already the market leader, with an active community of over 50,000 users, now acquired by WeTweak”, explains its co-founder and CEO David Santos.

A market of over 40 million music producers

WeTweak already enjoys strong appeal from the music community, from internationally renowned music producers to labels before its entry into the market and can count electronic music icon Jean-Michel Jarre voicing his support. Pre-sales of subscriptions will begin in September 2022, with an official launch scheduled for the end of December.

In the same year, WeTweak started its CHF 8 million Series A funding round to ensure an ambitious growth in early 2023 and a successful launch via major partnerships.