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Click Analytic secures USD 600,000 to rethink influencer marketing


22 August 2023

As a rising star in the creator economy's future, Fongit-incubated start-up Click Analytic is poised to bridge the gap between e-commerce businesses and influencers. As a rising star in the creator economy’s future, Fongit-incubated start-up Click Analytic is poised to bridge the gap between e-commerce businesses and influencers. | © Click Analytic

Geneva-based start-up Click Analytic announced a successful close to its pre-seed funding round, raising USD 600,000 from a mix of business angels, institutional investors, and industry experts.

The influencer marketing industry, currently valued at USD 104 billion, sees 93% of marketers working with creators in 2023. However, many smaller e-commerce companies miss out on these opportunities due to constrained budgets and pricey tools. Click Analytic emerges with a solution for these businesses, providing direct access to first-party data, ensuring authenticity and affordability.

Paul Boulet, founder of Click Analytic, boasts a rich history with the creator economy. After obtaining his Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing from Columbia University, Boulet plunged into talent management, working closely with sports influencers. This dual exposure, as both an agent for micro-influencers and a consultant for international DTC brands, equipped him with invaluable insights. He identified a gaping need in the market – a more efficient and automated influencer marketing process.

Recognizing the labor-intensive process of influencer campaigns, often requiring over 15 emails per creator and countless hours in content tracking, Boulet envisioned Click Analytic. With the collaborative genius of co-founders Nathan, Jules, and Nick, the company unveiled its beta version in early 2021. Evolving from its beta, Click Analytic soon introduced V1 later the same year, boasting a groundbreaking influencer discovery tool that aggregates over 250 million profiles across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

After a self-funded initial phase, Click Analytic’s client base surged, witnessing a 180% growth in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) within a year. Come 2022, with an aspiration to scale and amplify its global outreach, the team leaned on the mentorship of their incubator, Fongit. This culminated in a pitch at SICTIC, Switzerland’s premier business angel club, and a successful funding round, further fueled by direct investments from existing clients.

Leveraging this fresh infusion of capital, Click Analytic is on a determined trajectory. The start-up aims to redefine the influencer marketing landscape, offering an integrated platform for DTC SMEs. By automating and simplifying influencer campaigns, the tool will enable businesses to seamlessly integrate e-commerce stats with creator-driven results, fostering more impactful outcomes.