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Colored solar façades pioneer Kromatix establishes production plant in Switzerland


1 February 2021

Kromatix, a company which develops and industrializes colored photovoltaic glass panels, is setting up its new production plant in Romont in the canton of Fribourg. An investment of more than CHF 25 million was made and 50 new jobs will be created.

Kromatix is a specialist in photovoltaic glass panels using a new technology created at EPFL and developed by SwissINSO, which allows glass to be colored using cathodic sputtering (plasma technology). The innovation consists of a process for coloring glass by applying nanometric layers which then become a permanent part of the glass.

The first prototypes using this technology were produced in Dubai, proving the viability of the concept. The Dubai subsidiary now handles sales and projects in Gulf countries. Production will now be carried out in Switzerland in Romont, in the canton of Fribourg.

The company SwissINSO, which owns Kromatix, is facing a rapidly growing demand. This demand will allow to promote a product not only developed in Switzerland but also manufactured in Switzerland. After evaluating different possible sites in the country, SwissINSO has chosen Romont.

Setting up in the Swiss capital of glass and stained-glass windows

“In Romont, we have found high quality facilities. What’s more, with the region’s glass tradition and the possible synergies with other players based nearby, the environment is perfect for developing our activities from the canton of Fribourg,” explains Rafic Hanbali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kromatix.

In the first year, Kromatix plans to create 15 new jobs in Romont, notably in the area of production. Around 50 jobs should be created in the long term, depending on the development of activities.