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Compremium’s breakthrough medical device embarks on a NASA voyage

Life sciences

25 October 2023

NASA will use Compremium's CPMX1 System for extended space voyages to the Moon and Mars, aiming to safeguard astronaut well-being throughout extended zero-gravity journeys. NASA will use Compremium’s CPMX1 System for extended space voyages to the Moon and Mars, aiming to safeguard astronaut well-being throughout extended zero-gravity journeys.

Bern-based medtech innovator Compremium has delivered its pioneering Compartmental Compressibility Monitoring System to NASA, a significant leap in ensuring astronaut health for deep space missions.

Rooted in Western Switzerland’s deep tradition of precision and innovation, Compremium is making waves beyond our planet. This medtech company, recognized for its groundbreaking solutions in medical practice, has recently dispatched its revolutionary Compartmental Compressibility Monitoring System (CPMX1) to NASA.

Earlier this year, the Bern-based company achieved a monumental breakthrough by gaining FDA Clearance for the CPMX1. A testament to Swiss innovation, this device is the first of its kind, capable of non-invasively and reliably gauging the compressibility of muscles and tissue in the human body. The system is designed to provide healthcare professionals with objective data related to trauma, emergencies, and chronic conditions. Such precision is crucial in mitigating clinical uncertainties, reducing both overtreatment and missed diagnoses.

NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, will be the proud recipient of Compremium’s first product series. NASA’s vision for the CPMX1 extends beyond Earth, as the device is slated for use in upcoming deep space expeditions to the Moon and Mars. These missions, set to commence in 2024, aim to delve deeper into the fluid shifts within the human body under weightlessness conditions. Compremium’s CPMX1, with its unique capabilities, can detect body changes resulting from extended zero-G exposure, playing an indispensable role in maintaining astronaut health during prolonged spaceflights.

Revolutionizing diagnostics (in space)

The collaboration between NASA and Compremium is steeped in history, dating back over two decades. Dr. Ulrich A. Baumann, Compremium’s Chief Medical Officer, initiated this partnership with the development of the Veinpress device, a pioneering tool for non-invasively measuring venous pressure in the human body. After rigorous tests, including zero gravity flights and validations at NASA’s Houston laboratory, the Veinpress device has been operational on the International Space Station since 2018. This revolutionary device paved the way for the creation of the CPMX1.

Beyond its ties with NASA, Compremium continues to foster collaborations globally, partnering with esteemed scientific entities, institutions, and hospitals. Founded by Dr. med. U. Baumann, the company embodies a diverse team of physicians, engineers, and business professionals, all united in their mission to revolutionize diagnostics and elevate patient outcomes.