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Eversys to equip Starbucks with its “made in Valais” coffee machines


26 September 2022

Thanks to a partnership with Starbucks, coffee machine company Eversys could triple its production by 2026. To meet this new demand, the company will expand the production area of its Daval plant.

Based in Sierre (canton of Valais), Eversys has revealed that it is in advanced discussions with Starbucks for the production of a fully automatic machine for cold brew coffee.

From 2024 onwards, thousands of the American coffee chain’s shops could be equipped with technologies developed by Eversys on the Daval ecopark.

The reverse extraction system developed by Eversys applies hot water under pressure from the bottom to the top of the coffee powder to extract the best possible flavors. The aim of the collaboration with Starbucks is to apply this concept to cold coffee, which now accounts for more than 50% of the American coffee giant’s sales and is becoming increasingly popular.

For the past year, a team from Eversys’ R&D department has been working full time on this project. The first machines should be in operation in the United States during 2023.

With nearly 34,000 outlets worldwide, this agreement with Starbucks highlights the development potential of Eversys’ activities.

According to projections for 2022, 7,500 coffee machines are expected to be produced at the Sierre plant, which will increase Eversys’ sales from CHF 100 million in 2022 to CHF 250 million by 2026.

A production capacity that triples in size

In order to meet the orders of its other customers, the company, which has been fully owned by the De’ Longhi Group since March 2021, is preparing to invest some CHF 25 million in the expansion of its Sierre plant. With a surface area of 2,500 square meters today, the production area will be tripled thanks to a new building that will be constructed to the east of the current one.

The expansion also includes new storage space, as well as new offices for administration, engineers and other coffee machine designers. In the long term, the site will be able to accommodate 450 employees, compared with 218 today.