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Lonza further extends its ADC manufacturing capabilities in Visp

Life sciences

9 October 2023

Lonza continues to fortify its position in ADC production, expanding collaboration and infrastructure to enhance its acclaimed Ibex Dedicate Biopark. Lonza continues to fortify its position in ADC production, expanding collaboration and infrastructure to enhance its acclaimed Ibex Dedicate Biopark. | © Lonza

Lonza amplifies ADC production via a robust extension in bioconjugation capacity at its Ibex Dedicate Biopark in Visp, which set to generate 180 new jobs by 2026.

Lonza, a global manufacturing associate in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, is extending its established collaboration with a key biopharmaceutical partner, heralding a robust, forward-thinking step in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) manufacturing against challenging cancers. These meticulously designed ADCs, combining potent cytotoxic agents, stable linkers, and targeting monoclonal antibodies (mAb), have revolutionized cancer treatments, offering specificity that minimizes systemic side effects and demonstrates both substantial commercial and therapeutic promise.

The extension involves a fourfold surge in dedicated bioconjugation capacity, facilitated by adding two new bioconjugation suites situated in Lonza’s innovative Ibex Dedicate Biopark in Visp (canton of Valais), which is projected to be operational by 2026. Stretching over 1500 square meters of manufacturing space, these suites will not only establish one of the largest global bioconjugation facilities but also orchestrate the creation of approximately 180 new employment opportunities, continuing Lonza’s tradition of contributing significantly to the job market as seen in previous expansions and collaborations.

Jean-Christophe Hyvert, President of Biologics at Lonza, commented: “The expansion of this strategic collaboration further validates the concept of Ibex Solutions and demonstrates our dedication to supporting our partners with operational excellence, specialist expertise and flexible business models.” This mirrors Lonza’s ongoing commitment to eradicating supply chain complexities and upholding all necessary manufacturing stages for these potent therapies.

A consistent journey of strategic expansions and investments in the canton of Valais

Underlining this expansion is Lonza’s legacy and proficiency in handling and producing ADCs, a journey that has seen hefty investments, such as CHF 97 million for novel cancer treatments and CHF 650 million in large-scale production facilities in Visp, among other noteworthy ventures in the previous years.

This extension and its projected impacts only solidify Lonza’s position as a pivotal player in the realm of ADC manufacturing, continuing its trajectory of growth and its reputation as a reliable partner in delivering end-to-end solutions in the complex, high-stakes field of cancer treatment innovation. With a unique end-to-end ADC ecosystem in Visp and a record of manufacturing the majority of commercially available ADCs, Lonza reiterates its prowess and commitment to forging ahead in the biopharmaceutical industry, pioneering paths to enhanced, sophisticated treatments.

Lonza’s enlarged commitment extends beyond spatial and employment enhancement, enveloping services spanning from potent payload, drug-linker, and conjugation services to commercial mAb manufacturing — all meticulously orchestrated from their site in Visp, intertwining with the company’s expansive developments, investments, and job creation in the region in the past few years.