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Sitem Startup Club, where medtech start-ups thrive in Bern

Why Switzerland

The vision of the Sitem Startup Club is clear: to establish Bern as the leading hub for medtech start-ups in Switzerland and beyond. The vision of the Sitem Startup Club is clear: to establish Bern as the leading hub for medtech start-ups in Switzerland and beyond. | © Sitem Startup Club

In the heart of Bern, a groundbreaking initiative, the Sitem Startup Club, supports medtech start-ups, fostering innovation and growth in the medical technology sector.

Launched in 2020, with activities kicking off in 2021, the Sitem Startup Club is strategically situated in the Inselcampus next to Inselspital and sitem-insel, surrounded by more than 45 clinics. Its mission? To accelerate the success of medtech start-ups by providing them with an unparalleled ecosystem of support, expertise, and resources.

Understanding the myriad challenges faced by startups in the medtech domain—from securing investments and navigating regulatory landscapes to protecting intellectual property and forging key clinical partnerships—the Sitem Startup Club offers a holistic support structure designed to mitigate these challenges. Central to its offering are the MedTech Booster program and the Sitem MedTech Hub, both tailored to propel start-ups from early and seed stages into flourishing companies.

The MedTech Booster Program, a tailor-made accelerator

The MedTech Booster Program stands out as a premier acceleration initiative, focusing on early-stage medtech start-ups as well as those in adjacent life science verticals like biotech, digital health, and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). This program offers a full package of support, including consulting, networking, and financing opportunities, all customized to meet the unique needs of each entrepreneur. From regulatory guidance and industry expert connections to financial backing, the program ensures startups have everything they need to thrive.

The Sitem MedTech HUB, an ideal workspace for innovation

Complementing the Booster Program is the Sitem MedTech HUB, a modern coworking space exclusively for start-ups. Offering a range of services from team offices and coworking desks to meeting and event rooms, the HUB is a community hub where start-ups can connect, collaborate, and innovate.

Joining the Sitem Startup Club community

Membership in the Sitem Startup Club opens the door to a wealth of benefits aimed at fostering growth and innovation. Start-ups gain access to medical and clinical experts from the Inselspital, business coaching, consulting in regulatory and legal matters, and technical expertise. The Club’s robust investor network and regular pitching events offer vital opportunities for funding, while the HUB’s flexible workspace solutions and vibrant community events encourage networking and collaboration.

For medtech start-ups looking to navigate the challenging journey from inception to success, the Sitem Startup Club offers an unrivaled partnership. It’s a call to action for innovators in the medtech field to join a community dedicated to making a difference, not just in the Swiss medtech landscape, but in the global healthcare industry.

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