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Top innovations out of Neuchâtel’s CSEM


21 August 2023

In the heart of Neuchâtel, CSEM is a powerhouse of technological innovation. In the heart of Neuchâtel, CSEM is a powerhouse of technological innovation. | © CSEM

With a wide array of projects spanning diverse sectors, from aerospace to arts, CSEM has solidified its position as a leader in pioneering R&D endeavors.

Established as a private research and development center, CSEM has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements, pioneering solutions across various sectors. With a robust commitment to fostering innovation and a deep-seated ethos of collaboration, CSEM’s diverse portfolio of projects encapsulates its holistic approach to addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. From space technologies to medical advancements, and from sustainable energy solutions to art authentication, CSEM’s multifaceted initiatives are a testament to its expansive vision and unwavering dedication to ushering in a brighter, technologically-advanced future.

This article sheds light on some of CSEM’s most remarkable initiatives.

Developing autonomous robots for space telescopes

Understanding our universe necessitates advanced tools. CSEM’s involvement in the EU-funded PULSAR project led to the development of a robotic demonstrator, capable of autonomously constructing a telescope’s primary mirror while in orbit. This advancement promises to make the deployment of massive space telescopes more feasible.

Revolutionizing skin grafting

With the unveiling of the denovoCast machine, in partnership with CUTISS, CSEM has positioned itself at the forefront of skin regenerative medicine. This automated device produces customized skin tissue grafts, offering a novel approach to treating severe skin injuries.

Streamlining aircraft inspections

The safety-centric SWISSMODICS project sees CSEM developing an innovative image sensor designed for direct incorporation into aircraft composite structures. This tool is set to revolutionize the way aircraft damages are detected and addressed.

3D printing liver tissue patches

Liver health is under the microscope with the ORGANTRANS project. By pioneering a method to manufacture 3D printed human liver tissue patches, CSEM aims to offer an alternative to traditional organ transplants.

Pioneering in prenatal care

In collaboration with the Women’s Clinic of the University Hospital of Bern, CSEM is transforming prenatal care. Their state-of-the-art wearable electrodes and AI systems promise a more comprehensive and comfortable pregnancy monitoring experience.

Innovating in battery technologies

Recognizing the significance of sustainable energy solutions, CSEM has inaugurated its Battery Innovation Hub in Neuchâtel, further strengthening its commitment to next-generation energy storage solutions.

Authenticating art with MATIS

MATIS, a CSEM start-up, is set to transform the art world. By developing cutting-edge technologies, MATIS aims to revolutionize the authentication process for artworks, ensuring genuineness and preserving cultural heritage.

3D printing of space modules

CSEM’s collaboration with CERN and the International Space Station involves the development of 3D-printed pipes, tailored to enhance the efficiency of particle detectors, underscoring CSEM’s versatile approach to technological solutions.

Building miniature atomic watches

Timekeeping gets a futuristic twist as CSEM rolls out its miniature atomic watches. These compact, precision-driven devices are set to redefine the way we perceive and use watches.

Watchmaking innovation with Patek Philippe

CSEM’s collaboration with luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe marks an exciting phase in horology. Together, they are exploring avenues to refine the intricate inner mechanisms of timepieces.

Identifying defects using bat-detectors

In an intriguing blend of biology and technology, CSEM engineers have employed a bat detector as a novel means to identify defects in production equipment, exemplifying their creative problem-solving approach.

Creating the world’s most efficient photovoltaic panels

In the realm of renewable energy, the quest for efficiency has always been the driving force. As global industries lean towards sustainable energy solutions, CSEM’s expertise has enhanced solar panel conversion rates, capturing more sunlight and converting it into electricity. This breakthrough not only underscores the organization’s commitment to green technology but also paves the way for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. With these panels, businesses and households can reap greater benefits from solar energy, reducing their carbon footprint while optimizing energy consumption.

3D printing to improve wheelchair comfort

Addressing the needs of wheelchair users, CSEM has harnessed 3D printing technology to design medical cushions, offering enhanced comfort and support.

From the vast expanse of space to the delicate intricacies of art authentication, CSEM’s endeavors showcase their unwavering commitment to pushing technological boundaries for a brighter future. In the realm of innovation, few institutions have showcased the consistent brilliance and adaptability that CSEM has. But beyond the accolades and breakthroughs lies a deeper, more profound impact. As an economic pillar in the canton of Neuchâtel, CSEM not only drives technological advancements but also invigorates the regional economy, creating jobs, fostering start-ups, and attracting international partnerships.