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Trust village: building a community of cybersecurity and digital trust innovators


27 February 2023

Powered by EPFL Innovation Park, SICPA and the canton de Vaud, Trust Village’s ambition is to invite founders to be part of a community of trust-related innovators and industry leaders that can help them build meaningful and sustainable businesses.

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity and digital trust have become increasingly critical for individuals and organizations. To address these challenges, Trust Village has been established by the EPFL Innovation Park, SICPA and the canton of Vaud on the unlimitrust campus.

Trust Village aims to support early-stage companies by providing them with a dynamic and collaborative environment, as well as essential resources, mentors, and guidance to help them grow their business. Through its network of industry experts and investors, as well as community events, entrepreneurs can develop important skills and connections to build successful and impactful activities. With free access to 250 square meters of open space, workshops, networking, tools, infrastructure, and technical support, Trust Village is an ideal location for cybersecurity and digital trust start-ups to thrive and make a significant impact in the industry.

Strategically located in the heart of the Trust Valley, Trust Village is located on the unlimitrust campus. The aim of the unlimitrust campus is to provide a safe environment to develop the systems and technologies that will be the foundation of tomorrow’s companies. The project has three objectives: to become a trust economy leading hub, through on-site tenants and the organization of events ; to provide physical and digital meeting spaces for network members and external partners to collaborate and develop ideas that will shape the trust economy ; and to foster the future of the trust economy by becoming the first professional network focused on disruptive, ethical and sustainable technologies.

Boosting Western Switzerland’s status as a global hub for cybersecurity

Trust Village and the unlimitrust campus are further evidence of Western Switzerland’s status as a global hub for this industry. Western Switzerland has become a leading global hub for cybersecurity due to its favorable business environment, strong culture of innovation, and highly skilled workforce. With a long-standing tradition of protecting privacy, Switzerland’s robust data protection laws and regulations have attracted companies that prioritize data privacy and security. The Swiss government has also been proactive in creating policies and initiatives to support the growth of the cybersecurity industry, including investments in research and development, and promoting collaborations between academia and industry. Furthermore, Switzerland is home to several leading universities and research institutions that are at the forefront of cybersecurity research and innovation.

As a result, Switzerland has established itself as a global hub for cybersecurity, attracting start-ups, established companies, and investors from around the world.