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Western Switzerland’s unique ecosystem for Sports Tech

Why Switzerland

Western Switzerland, home to numerous sports federations and organizations, offers a unique environment for Sports Tech companies and start-ups.

Sports Tech refers to the use of technology to enhance the performance of athletes, improve the spectator experience, and increase the efficiency of sports organizations. It includes a broad range of technologies, such as wearable devices, data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and more.

The Sports Tech industry has been experiencing significant growth, with a wide range of applications in various sports, including football, basketball, cycling, golf, and many others. The integration of technology has revolutionized the way athletes train, compete and recover from injuries, as well as how sports organizations manage their operations. Western Switzerland has emerged as a prime location for Sports Tech companies, thanks to its unique ecosystem and international sports environment. The region boasts a high concentration of sports federations, academic institutions, and companies dedicated to Sports Tech, offering a wealth of resources and expertise for innovation and collaboration.

The canton of Vaud alone has approximately 60 international sports federations and organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, headquartered in Lausanne, making the region the “Silicon Valley of the world of sports”.

Several companies and start-ups in Sports Tech have chosen Western Switzerland as their home, including Bearmind, based in Lausanne’s EPFL Innovation Park, which develops in-built helmet sensors and software to provide real-time monitoring and prevent brain injury in sports. Myotest, located in the canton of Valais, specializes in portable devices and software dedicated to the analysis of biomechanical metrics. The CSEM in the canton of Neuchâtel researches sensor technologies and non-invasive monitoring solutions for the fields of healthcare, wellness and sport. Other notable examples include Darftfish in the canton of Fribourg, Pomoca in the canton of Vaud, Timeon in the canton of Geneva and Bodygee in the canton of Bern, just to name a few.

A number of initiatives for collaboration and innovation have been put in place to attract projects and investment, and boost innovation in the region. ThinkSport, founded by the City of Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud, the Swiss Confederation, and the International Olympic Committee, is a network that brings together a wide range of sports organizations, companies, and institutions to facilitate dialog, collaboration, creative thinking, and innovation.

The region’s enormous potential in terms of sports-related research is highlighted by initiatives such as the Smart Move, an academic network connecting nine academic institutions of the Lake Geneva region. This initiative encourages collaboration and cross-disciplinary projects among its members offering companies and institutions access to a wide range of know-how and expertise in the field of sports.

Other initiatives, including the SpArk project and the S.M.A.R.T. Confluence ecosystem in the canton of Valais, together with the region’s unique international sports environment, make Western Switzerland a privileged space for the development of innovative research and sports technologies. Overall, Western Switzerland’s concentration of sports federations, academic institutions, and companies dedicated to Sports Tech make it a hub for innovation in this field.