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Top Stories from Western Switzerland (June 2024)

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26 June 2024

Top Stories Western Switzerland

From pioneering brain therapies and advancements in generative AI to significant strides in fintech innovation and renewable energy, discover Western Switzerland’s top stories from June 2024.

Dandelion Science partners with Wyss Center to pioneer AI-based brain therapies

Dandelion Science and the Wyss Center Geneva are collaborating to develop a generative AI platform for non-invasive brain therapies. Supported by an USD 800,000 grant from Innosuisse, this partnership aims to leverage AI for smarter neuromodulation techniques targeting neurological and psychiatric disorders.

BFH launches the Generative AI Lab to boost AI capabilities in Bern

The Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) has established the Generative AI Lab to advance AI technology in the creation of new content such as text, images and music. Led by Prof. Dr. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki and Dr. Souhir Ben Souissi, the lab aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI research and practical applications, helping companies unlock the full potential of generative AI.

Fribourg’s Neur.on AI wins big at the Swiss FinTech Awards 2024

Neur.on AI and GenTwo have been recognized for their innovative contributions to the fintech industry by winning the Swiss FinTech Awards 2024. Neur.on AI, a Fribourg-based LegalTech startup, won in the “Early Stage Start-up of the Year” category for its AI-based translation solution for the financial industry, providing cost-effective and accurate translations.

EPFL to establish six new research chairs in Valais by 2032

EPFL and the cantonal government of Valais have signed an agreement to create a new center for energy transition research, with six research chairs by 2032. This collaboration will focus on hydropower, energy storage systems, decarbonization and other critical areas to further drive technological progress and economic benefits in the region.

UBS and Swisscom establish the Deep Tech Nation Foundation to boost innovation in Switzerland

UBS and Swisscom have launched the Deep Tech Nation Switzerland Foundation, which aims to mobilize CHF 50 billion over the next decade to support Swiss deep tech start-ups and scale-ups. The initiative’s mission is to improve the environment for innovation, strengthen Switzerland’s competitiveness and position the country as a leader in deep tech solutions for societal challenges.

SensArs secures EUR 1.1 million to advance neuromodulation technology

SensArs, an EPFL spin-off, has secured EUR 1.1 million in grants and investments to advance its neuromodulation technology for the treatment of chronic pain and sensory loss. The funding supports projects such as SENSOLE and SENSY, which aim to provide real-time sensory feedback and improve pain management for amputees.

Neuchâtel equips heritage buildings with innovative solar roof tiles

Three historic buildings in Neuchâtel are being renovated with 33,300 solar tiles developed by CSEM and Freesuns, marking progress toward the canton’s 2050 energy transition goals. These installations, including the Collège des Parcs and the Beaux-Arts school building, demonstrate the integration of renewable energy with architectural preservation and produce significant annual energy outputs.

EPFL, a model of innovation and academic collaboration

EPFL continues to distinguish itself as a leading institution in innovation, combining academic research, technological advancement and entrepreneurship. With programs such as the Startup Launchpad and partnerships with companies such as Google, EPFL fosters a dynamic environment for developing solutions to global challenges. Its affiliated campuses in Geneva, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Valais further strengthen research and innovation across a wide range of sectors.