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Top Stories from Western Switzerland (January 2024)

Business environment

30 January 2024

Top Stories Western Switzerland

From groundbreaking advancements in agrifood and robotics to strategic economic reforms and pioneering research in space and medicine, discover Western Switzerland’s top stories from January 2024.

Ecosystem Overview (Agri&Food in the Canton of Fribourg 1/11)

“Agri&Food in the Canton of Fribourg” is an 11-part video series that offers an insightful look into Fribourg’s agrifood sector. The series underscores Fribourg’s role as an emerging hub for agrifood and agritech innovation, highlighting its economic, cultural, and innovative prowess.

LEM Surgical secures CHF 8.7 million to advance spinal surgery with robotic solutions

LEM Surgical has raised CHF 8.7 million in Series A funding to advance its “Sapien” robotic system for spinal surgery. This funding marks a significant step in medical technology, particularly for spinal cord injury (SCI) patients. The Sapien system aims to overcome the limitations of current surgical robots, offering advanced capabilities and increased clinical utilization.

Switzerland to abolish industrial tariffs from 2024

From January 1, 2024, Switzerland has abolished industrial tariffs following an amendment to the Customs Tariff Act, a move by the Federal Council aimed at reducing costs for businesses and consumers and bolstering the nation’s economic and industrial competitiveness. This decision is expected to yield prosperity gains of about CHF 860 million, enhancing Switzerland’s global competitiveness by lowering import costs and production expenses for Swiss companies.

Eversys’ AI use for enhanced innovation in coffee machine production

Eversys, a leading super-automatic coffee machine manufacturer, is revolutionizing its industry by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive maintenance. Calixte Mayoraz, an R&D engineer and machine learning specialist, analyzes data from global machine interactions to anticipate malfunctions, crucial for machines producing thousands of coffees daily.

STALICLA secures USD 17.4 million to propel neuro precision medicine

STALICLA has secured USD 17.4 million in Series B financing to advance precision medicine for neurodevelopmental disorders, focusing on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The investment highlights STALICLA’s pioneering role in neuro precision medicine, with CEO Lynn Durham emphasizing the potential for transformative treatments in neurology and neuropsychiatry.

Enerdrape raises CHF 1.3 million to accelerate the deployment of its geothermal panels

Enerdrape, a cleantech startup specializing in prefabricated geothermal panel technology, has secured CHF 1.3 million in seed financing. This investment will accelerate the development and commercialization of their innovative technology, which transforms underground infrastructures into renewable energy sources.

UNIGE and CSEM collaborate on exoplanet research with cutting-edge technology

The University of Geneva and CSEM are collaborating on the Near Infra Red Planet Searcher (NIRPS) project to advance exoplanet research. CSEM’s laser frequency comb technology, installed at the European Southern Observatory in Chile, will enhance the accuracy of measuring radial velocities of stars. This collaboration, building on UNIGE’s strong tradition in exoplanet research, aims to uncover detailed information about Earth-like exoplanets and potentially discover extraterrestrial life.