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Top Stories from Western Switzerland (October-December 2023)

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19 December 2023

Top Stories Western Switzerland

From achieving top rankings in global innovation to making significant advancements in healthcare and technology, discover Western Switzerland’s top stories from October-December 2023.

Siegfried and Lonza secure top positions in global pharmaceutical outsourcing rankings

Valais-based pharmaceutical companies Lonza and Siegfried have secured top spots in global pharmaceutical outsourcing rankings, with Lonza ranking first and Siegfried sixth. This recognition by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News highlights their significant roles in drug manufacturing and packaging. Amidst industry challenges like supply chain variations and a shift towards comprehensive service models, both companies have demonstrated resilience and strategic growth, with investments in new facilities and technologies, expanding their global influence in pharmaceutical outsourcing.

PULSE, a modular innovation center in the heart of the Health Valley

PULSE, set to become a key innovation center in Western Switzerland’s Health Valley, offers a unique blend of flexible, future-proof infrastructure for biotech and scientific ventures. Spread across 43,000 square meters with two buildings and additional underground space for parking and technical needs, featuring super-flexible floor plans, tailored technical capacities, and eight distinct entrances for individual companies. With amenities like a communal area, restaurant, fitness center, and nursery, and located just 15 minutes from downtown Lausanne, PULSE is poised to redefine the region’s life sciences and biotechnology sector starting summer 2024.

Regulatory compliance expert Metecon establishes its Swiss subsidiary in Bern

Metecon, a specialist in medical device regulatory compliance, has established a Swiss subsidiary in Bern, Metecon Switzerland LLC. This expansion aims to provide local support for Swiss and EU markets in marketing and post-marketing surveillance of medical devices and IVD products. Metecon Switzerland, mirroring the services of its German counterpart, will offer comprehensive regulatory services throughout a product’s life cycle, including technical documentation, clinical evaluation, and post-market surveillance.

Swiss Marketplace Group relocates to Fribourg’s Bluefactory in 2024

Swiss Marketplace Group, a leader in online markets and digital solutions, has announced its relocation from Flamatt to the innovative Bluefactory site in Fribourg, scheduled for autumn 2024. This move, accommodating around 160 employees, stems from SMG’s desire to improve accessibility and adapt to post-COVID workforce needs. The Bluefactory location, known for blending sustainable innovation with economic vibrancy, aligns with SMG’s commitment to offering a hybrid work environment that fosters collaboration and connection.

Aktiia’s blood pressure monitoring technology advances global cardiovascular research

Aktiia, a Neuchâtel-based start-up specializing in cuffless blood pressure monitoring, is playing a key role in the GAPP study, aiming to understand cardiovascular risk factors. This collaboration with prominent institutions involves monitoring over 2,000 participants for a decade to investigate genetic and phenotypic influences on blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Aktiia’s technology, capable of providing 27 blood pressure data points per day per participant, offers groundbreaking insights into blood pressure patterns.

Microsoft Switzerland establishes a new office in Geneva

Microsoft Switzerland is enhancing its presence in the Swiss market with a new office in Geneva’s Westhive Alto Pont-Rouge, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and collaboration. Situated in a well-connected area, the office is designed to foster productivity and business growth, aligning with Microsoft’s goal of strengthening partnerships and contributing to the Swiss market.

Lonza further extends its ADC manufacturing capabilities in Visp

Lonza, a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, is expanding its antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) manufacturing capabilities at its Ibex Dedicate Biopark in Visp. This extension includes the addition of two new bioconjugation suites, significantly increasing its bioconjugation capacity. Set to be operational by 2026, the expansion will cover 1500 square meters, making it one of the largest global bioconjugation facilities and generating 180 new jobs.

Western Switzerland medtech start-ups embark on human trials

Medtech start-ups in Western Switzerland are advancing healthcare with groundbreaking solutions for heart valve diseases, severe skin defects, and erectile dysfunction, now entering human trials. Compremium develops non-invasive diagnostics for pressure-related conditions, with technology already showing promise in pediatric studies and even utilized by NASA. Cutiss focuses on skin regenerative medicine, with its bio-engineered skin substitute, denovoSkin, undergoing Phase II trials for reconstructive surgery. Comphya, an EPFL spin-off, is testing an implanted neuro-stimulator, CaverSTIM, for erectile dysfunction, with successful initial implantations. Novostia is conducting a First-in-Human trial in Lithuania for its TRIFLO artificial heart valve.

Switzerland tops the Global Innovation Index for the 13th consecutive year

For the 13th consecutive year, Switzerland has been ranked the most innovative country in the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Global Innovation Index (GII) 2023, despite global challenges like post-COVID-19 recovery and geopolitical conflicts. The GII assesses over 130 economies using 80 indicators, reflecting Switzerland’s strengths in Knowledge and Technology outputs and Creative outputs. While excelling in Government Effectiveness and University-industry R&D collaboration, there’s potential for growth in venture capital investment and ICT services exports.